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Fall at The Tree Man

Its now mid-fall even though we are sometimes still having hot days. Your plants know this and are shutting down growth on the top end and putting down roots! So this is the best time to be fertilizing for next year’s fruit and winterizing your plants. Right now that it is cooling down we are going to change over to VF-11 fertilizers on your evergreen trees. It is still vitally important to feed every single month. So come on in to The Tree Man and get your right fertilizers and winter color. We are going to plant color so we can be greeted by beautiful flowers every single day of the year!

Fall Garden Products
Just because fall is here doesn’t mean you can’t have color in your yard. And we have many fall and cool weather vegetables that will grow and flourish in Northern San Luis Obispo County. We also have a large selection of fruit trees for you, and by planting now you will be ready for a harvest crop next year. Come in to The Tree Man and see our selection for fall especially suited to our colder nights and sunny days. Find out more in our Fall Planting and Feeding guide…

4 Acres of Trees, Shrubs and Roses

  • With over four acres of incredible selection, The Tree Man is one of the largest garden centers anywhere.
  • Our customers drive in from Salinas to Ventura. Our vast selection and great prices make The Tree Man well worth the drive.
  • And our helpful knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect plants for your climate.
  • The Tree Man has over 400,000 plants in stock and a huge selection of garden supplies & accessories.
  • We also stock vast quantities of statuary, fountains and other non growing garden items.
  • All are priced wholesale to the public.
  • Find out more…

40 Percent Off Through Nov 30

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